6 OC Exam Success Study Tips

admin Mar 22, 2019

Studying for any test, whether it’s the HSC exam or the oc exam can be a stressful time for the student. It should therefore be tackled with a clear strategy. When a student is unaware of how to study for an exam, he or she will quickly become overwhelmed and disoriented by the quantity of material they need to learn.

To help your child succeed on the OC exam, we’ve compiled some study success tips below:

1. Begin Early

To prepare for the OC exam, there are many topics that must be reviewed. The quantity of information can quickly become over powering. It’s far better to learn and understand small bits of data over a long period of time versus rushing everything at the last minute. Starting early enables your child to take sufficient time to digest all the information.


2. Create a Study Plan

To study effectually for the OC exam, create a study plan. This helps you determine what needs to be covered and which areas require more focus compared to others. A study path helps your child retain control and stay focused; two leading causes of test-related anxiety. It also helps ensure your child is managing his or her time effectively. This prevents time wastage!

It’s important to note that during your child’s study sessions, there are no distractions. This will help him or her acquire more information.

3. Organize Notes

Effective studying starts with an organized set of notes. When you have too many of them, they can become very hard to handle. To deal with this, arrange all notes according to subject and date. We recommend placing the most recent topics covered first. File these so that your child can easily access them without fumbling through a pile of disorganized notes.

4. Designate a Study Space

Set up a dedicated study space for your ward. This will help him or her stay focused for the duration of the study session. Ensure there are no distraction in this space, i.e. television, video games, phones, in-coming and outgoing foot traffic, etc. Place a study table, comfortable chair and adequate lighting to support your child’s study session.

5. Step By Step

Encourage your child to take frequent study breaks. He or she must pace themselves while studying. This prevents burnouts and failure to acquire information. Help them set goals that they can work towards. Reward them when they accomplish these goals. Do not rush your child. Provide the reward at the end of the study period. This gives them encouragement and motivation. In the weeks leading up to the OC exam, get your child to commit to a regular sleep schedule. This will help them relax their minds and improve cognitive recall of information.

6. Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice does make perfect! Taking practice exams helps your child understand what to expect on the actual test. The exam questions do change each year but the format will not. Familiarize your child with the contents and format of the OC exam so that they’re not caught off guard in the actual test.

With these six OC exam study tips, your child will achieve a good score in the test. Visit PEN Education for more OC exam study tips.