Awesome Test-Taking Tips To Get Success in The Selective Test

admin Apr 16, 2019

Helping your child develop and express the right outlook is the key to success on the Selective Test. Be supportive and positive. There are certain strategies we can help them adopt at various points in the process.

As parents and guardians, we can endeavour to help our children do well with the following test-taking tips for success on the Selective Test:

Weeks Before The Test


Make practice a part of the child’s daily routine. Don’t wait until a week before the test to start practising. By slowly and steadily preparing over a period of time, your child will not feel rushed. Instead they’ll become comfortable with the format and content of the actual test.


Identify areas that need more preparation. Review his/her results from different practice quizzes and tests to determine which topics need further revision.


Support your child and inspire him/her to actively participate in their respective Selective Prep class. Those who actively participate, will learn more. Don’t let them miss any classes.


Seek Assistance

If something seems unclear, whether in a study session or in the guide, ask for help.

Review Directions

Check the location where the Selective Test will be held. Make sure you’re familiar with the directions. Make it a plan to arrive on the day a little early.

Night Before the Test


Avoid cramming the night before. Get your child to follow their regular routine. Ensure he or she gets a restful night’s sleep.

Gather Supplies

Amass all the supplies your child will need to participate in the test. He or she will need the following:

  • Registration or Admission ticket
  • Photo ID
  • Number 2 pencils (4) and an eraser
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Watch

Day of the Exam

On the day of the Selective Test or even before, request your child to always do the following:

  • Read directions critically and carefully.
  • Budget time. In an ideal situation, your child should be able to go over the test three times. In the first pass, they’ll complete what they know for sure. In the second they’ll address harder questions which require more thought. The final try is to check the answers.
  • Answer easy questions before attempting the harder ones. They both count towards marks.
  • Read the questions and all available answers carefully before selecting one.
  • For difficult questions, first write down key formulas or underline keywords to start. State the problem in your own words.
  • Use the elimination method to remove one or more options. After eliminating several choices, ensure the right one is checked off. Never leave it blank or assume the test evaluator will check it correctly.
  • The first answer to a question is usually the most correct. Change the answer only after giving it careful consideration.
  • Cross answers while eliminating them so that you don’t waste time re-reading them. Place a question mark where you’re unsure.
  • Attempt all answers. Never leave blanks.
  • Having confidence is part of the battle. Remind him or her of the efforts they’ve put in during preparation.
  • If your child is not well at all on the day of the test, it is recommended you reschedule the test.

With these test-taking tips, you can expect your child to do well on the Selective Test. Contact Pen Education today to enrol your child in our Selective Test preparation program.