Consider an Opportunity Class for your Gifted Child

admin Mar 25, 2019

Opportunity classes are a special educational program offered via selected schools across the NSW. They are designed specifically for academically talented and gifted children in Years 5 & 6. An opportunity class is geared towards providing an academically stimulating learning environment.

What is an Opportunity Class?

An Opportunity Class or OC, is a two-year, full-time study in a placement program for Year 5 & 6 students. Students who want to join this program must appear for the Year 5 test in Year 4.

If your chid is a selected candidate, he or she may be required to change to a school that is offering the OC program. Primary schools that have high NAPLAN (National Assessment Program) results are those that provide Opportunity Classes.


Why might parents prefer their gifted child attend an OC class?

Most parents would want their children to study in an opportunity class. However, not every student will be suitable for this program. Here are a few reasons why parents would want their child to attend an OC class:

  • Parent observes their child is disengaged and uninterested in school. Opportunity classes offer a challenging curriculum that might suit this child’s abilities.

  • Parents wish their child to attend a Selective High School. Although seeking placement in an OC program is not the pathway for entry into a Selective High School, it certainly does offer exposure to a competitive environment. Furthermore, it gives a clear indication if the child is able to perform under examination conditions. Preparation for the OC exam also indicates whether the child requires tutoring or support before writing the Selective High School Placement test.
  • My friends’ children are participating in an OC program. This is not a good enough reason if it’s the only one. If your child is academically gifted, they can certainly benefit from attending opportunity classes.

Types of Opportunity Classes

The OC program is administered in different ways in schools:

  • Year 5 OC

  • Year 6 OC
  • Year 5 & 6 composite OC class or a composite class with both opportunity and non-opportunity class students

How many schools offer Opportunity Classes?

Currently, there are 75 primary schools in the NSW that offer opportunity classes.

What are the Components of the Test?

To gain admission into a school offering opportunity classes, students must write a test. This test has two parts. Both parts have multiple choice questions in English, Mathematics and General Ability.

Admission into an OC class is highly competitive. Of the 14,000 students that write the test, approximately, 4,200 students will gain admission.

How can parents help their child succeed in the test?

Enrolment into an OC preparation course is the best way to prep your child for the test. The course must be structured around English, General Ability and Mathematics. While taking the prep course, students’ performance in these three areas will also improve. Students must have stellar skills in exam-taking, problem-solving, reasoning and time management.

At Pen Education, our program enables students to routinely practice their mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills. It also enhances the student’s ability to increase their cognitive load. The course significantly improves and expands students’ general knowledge and reading comprehension. Through systematic instruction, we expose students to the types of questions they can expect on the OC Placement Test.

Start preparing your gifted child for the Opportunity Class Placement Test today by enrolling him or her in an OC preparatory course. Visit Pen Education for more information.