How An OC Class Can Benefit Your Child?

admin Mar 20, 2019

Parents who have an academically talented or gifted primary schooler may find that their child is often bored or uninterested in attending a mainstream school. Nevertheless, those who live in the NSW area are in luck. Parents with gifted children have the option of enrolling their children into an OC class (opportunity class).

An OC class is a special course for Year 3 and Year 4 students. It offers a different academic structure and model, designed to challenge your exceptional child. Admission to an opportunity program requires a placement test. Every year more than 14,000 students participate in this placement test, but only 30% gain admission.


How can an OC class benefit your bright child? Read on.

1 Curriculum Benefits

In a mainstream classroom, children of different types of abilities study together. This can pose many challenges for talented and gifted students. If the content is acquired very quickly and adequate extension is not provided, gifted children become quickly disengaged and irritable. Academically gifted children thrive on challenge. As a result, they prefer not attending school.

OC classes provides an environment that suits the needs of academically talented children. Only teachers with training and experience in teaching gifted children teach OC classes. Different teaching techniques and curriculum with many extension points are offered in a typical OC class. This program also encourages self-directed learning which motivates exceptional children; an invaluable tool for later learning.

2 Increases Motivation to Learn

Gifted children often feel lonely. This is because by the time they’re in Year 4, their results have likely been at the top for the last few years. Although this is a proud moment for parents and a great achievement for building self-esteem, gifted children lose the motivation to work hard if they’re not challenged.

An OC class gives gifted children a chance to study alongside children with similar abilities. In the well-resourced and stimulating OC class environment, your gifted child will enrich his or her skills and build on their natural talents.

3 Study with like-minded Peers

Many studies have demonstrated that gifted students have specific interests and abilities which are usually not shared by their friends in regular schools. Unfortunately, these are the same kids who are bullied in the playground and are also lonely because of a lack of friends. When your child attends an OC class, they’re surrounded by peers who share similar interests. This helps them acquire friends who share the same hobbies.

Finding friends and building on social skills is important for all children.

If your child has proven intellectual talent, then he or she can definitely benefit from an OC class. To enroll your child into an opportunity preparatory course, get in touch with PEN Education.