How To Improve Skills & Excel in Debates

admin Apr 26, 2019

Debating helps to acquire new educational skills, improve proficiency & gain confidence. Young children can excel in debates & conversational skills by taking Opportunity Classes in top institutions. Parents should not refrain there child from taking admission in OCs as they help to develop great educational & mental skills. To be a successful debater, there are few things that need to be considered to improve your debating skills & obtain excellence.

Learn To Speak Spontaneously With The Help of Research

First & foremost step is to learn to speak spontaneously in front of someone or a group of people. There is no time to plan your answers in real life as well as debating situations. You need to throw in your card instantly. However, it is a fact that many people find it difficult to speak extemporaneously. Same is the case with debates. To give out your point effectively, you need information & knowledge at disposal. It requires time & patience.


It becomes necessary to do some homework & research on the topic to assert spontaneous arguments. It will help to plan the answers to some questions that have the highest probability. Preparing for each & every question is impossible as some of them will be out of the blue. But, at least you’ll be able to debate spontaneously on the subject.

Focussed Mindset

One thing that differentiates poor debaters from good ones is to have a focussed mindset. A good debater will always have a clear perspective of what he is going to speak about on a certain topic. It becomes necessary to convince others about the relevance of your point. It will not be possible to debate effectively if you yourself don’t have clarity about the subject. The message you are conveying should be clear & concise.

It is okay to take a pause for a moment & think about what you’re about to say during the debate. Make sure that the message is loud and clear to the audience.

Non-Verbal Cues Should Be Controlled

Our body language plays an important role in backing up what we say. If your non-verbal cues fail to back your words, then it will not prove to be effective. Your words will lose their edge in the absence of a controlled & positive body language. Uncontrolled movements of the hands, eyes, head & other body parts should be avoided.

These were some of the factors that you can improve on to elevate your debating skills. It just takes some practice & practical implementation to get things right. There are many institutions that provide Private School Scholarship to students who are good in debates. It is considered as a great extra-curricular activity.