Steps to Gaining Admission into the List of opportunity Classes

admin Apr 09, 2019

Opportunity classes provide a different or rather a specialized learning atmosphere for your gifted child. The list of opportunity classes includes numerous schools with specific grade requirements. Marks obtained from the OC exams will determine your child’s admission to specific schools that provide opportunity classes. Every school differs in their grading criteria; with some having more stringent requirements than others.

In NSW, an opportunity class is a full-time study program offered to eligible students in Year 5 or 6. There are currently 76 public schools which offer opportunity classes. Application for a placement opens in April every year. In July, students must write the placement test. Those who are successful will be expected to leave their local school to attend a special public school that provides opportunity classes.

These are geared towards helping talented and gifted students learn by grouping them similar students. Teaching methods used in opportunity classes is highly specialized, with the educational materials which are matched accordingly.


If you’re considering enrolling your gifted child into an OC program, know that it’s a multi-step process which are outlined below:

1. Submission of an Online Application Form

In the first step, parents are requested to submit an application via the NSW Government Public School website. These applications have a two-week open window period, usually in the first half of the month of May. Parents must submit this application in the year before taking admission, i.e. when their ward is in Year 4. Parents have the option of selecting up to two primary schools that provide opportunity classes on the application.

2. Include Relevant Support Materials

You must include necessary support materials with your child’s application. In addition, the school principal at your child’s current school will automatically provide the school’s scores in Mathematics and English.

3. Post Processing

Once the application is received and processed, parents will be notified about the place and date of the upcoming placement test. This test will be held in the month of July for students in Year 4. The test is often held at a government high school near the child’s current school.

4. Notification of the Outcome

Once the tests are evaluated and scored, respective parents are notified accordingly in the month of October. If your child is selected, he or she will be made an offer for a spot in their nominated OC selection. Some students may discover that they’re placed on a list while other applicants are advised that they were unsuccessful.

Please note, all students have scored and then ranked according to academic merit. This is determined by combining primary school assessments scores in mathematics and English as well as the results from the Opportunity Class Placement Test. The combination is conveyed as a profile score out of 300.

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