The Selective School List – How to Increase Your Child’s Chances of Gaining Admission?

admin Apr 04, 2019

The Selective School List is a list of special high schools in the NSW region. These are schools which cater to students who are academically talented and gifted and who also exhibit superior classroom performance. Admission to these schools are based on results obtained from the Selective Schools Placement Test. This test is held each year in the month of March. Students currently in Year 6 will write this test for entry into a selective high school in the following year.

Currently, there are seventeen selective high schools in the NSW and 25 partial selective schools. The latter option means only some cohorts and classes within the particular school are selective. The Selective Schools Placement Test is very competitive. In 2012, 13,500 students wrote the exam however only 30% received a placement. The number of students who appear for this exam is increasing each year.

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How are the marks calculated?

The Selective School Test is scored of 300. It is a combined score reflecting a student’s marks from their primary school performance and the selective exam. The school’s results are moderated to averages of the selective school exam before arriving at a combined score out of 300.

How can you increase your child’s chances of getting into a school on the Selective School List?

1. Early Preparation

The Selective Exam covers reading, writing, general ability and mathematics. Like appearing for any test or exam, practice is the key. Early preparation will help students cover questions and topics that the child may not have learned in their respective primary schools. This extra material combined with practice exams and self-learning outside the regular classroom will immensely enhance the student’s readiness and confidence. Both are critical factors when it comes to increasing performance on the exam date.

Practice also helps alleviate anxiety and nervousness because it familiarizes the students with difficult questions and exam conditions.

2. Excellent Performance in Years 4 and 5

Entry into a selective school is based on exceptional performance in years 4 and 5. Approximately one third of the student’s marks are taken from their respective primary school assessment scores. Performance in English (writing as well) and Mathematics from Year 4 until the end of Year 5 is provided by the primary school. The scores will be based upon the child’s performance in the school curriculum. Each primary school exercises their own discretion when it comes to setting academic criteria. Therefore it is vital for selective school aspirants to maintain stellar academic records in their fourth and fifth years of primary school.

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