Tips For Surviving The Selective Exam

admin Mar 12, 2019

The Selective High School Placement Test or Selective Exam measures a student’s ability in general ability, mathematics, reading and writing. This test is held each year in NSW only. Preparation for the selective exam begins months before the actual test date.

With prior preparation and guidance, a student’s chances of obtaining good scores increases.

The following ten tips is every student’s guide for surviving the selective exam:

  • Learn about the Test’s Contents

The Selective Placement Test includes four papers. These are Reading, Writing, Mathematics and General Ability.

  • Time Spent Per Question

Knowing how much time you can spend on a question helps you pace your test completion speed. Each test has a specific number of questions. Use this as a yard stick to figure out how much time to spend per question.

  • Practice, practice, practice

Six months prior to the actual exam, we recommend taking a practice test once a week per section. Increase this frequency as the test date draws closer. Although cramming is not recommended, try to get in as much practice as possible if you’re unable to start well in advance. Crammed preparation for the selective exam is better than nothing.

  • Strategy

Develop strategies and jot them down on paper. As you attempt numerous practice questions, you’ll notice some question formats that are repetitive. Put them into categories to answer them quickly. Strategies are invaluable short cuts that can save you lots of time during the exam.

  • Sharpen your Problem Solving Skills

One important aspect of the selective exam is choosing the best answer even when you’re unsure about the corrective answer. This is the crux of problem solving. A crucial skill that students will carry into adulthood. Having good deduction skills will help sharpen your problem solving skills.

  • Commit to a Reading Program to Improve Argumentative Writing

Look through the editorial section of the morning newspaper each day. Jot down words you’ve never read before and find and learn the definition for each of them.

  • Get into a Reading Regimen to Improve your Creative Writing

Consider reading series books like all twelve of the Harry Potter books. Other exciting stories that have been transformed into movies include The Hunger Games and Twilight.

  • Review Mathematical Concepts

The Selective Exam tests your understanding of mathematical concepts and their relations. You will also learn how to transform word questions into correct formulas and solve them accordingly.

  • Revise Multiplication Tables

Don’t just memorize 12 times 12. Learn what it actually means. Understand the concept of ‘12×12’.

  • Learn to Read Quickly

In the writing portion, you will come across passages of various lengths. Learn how to read these quickly to arrive at the answers. Keep in mind, you’re not trying to learn the passage. You need to simply understand what’s being said so that you can answer the questions effectively.

  • Coaching

Enrolling your ward into a coaching program ahead of time will help them perform well on the selective exam.