When Is The Best Time To Start Preparing For The Ryde Selective Test?

admin Mar 27, 2019

At PEN Education, we tutor hundreds of students each year in preparation for Ryde Selective Test. As a result, we’re frequently asked by parents, “When should I begin preparing my child?”

Although there is no definitive answer to this question, we always recommend starting early. The outcome will ultimately depend on your child’s abilities and commitment. This is determined by asking yourself the following questions:

1. How eager are you for your child to gain admission into a selective school?

Gaining admission into a selective school is competitive. Students as young as 9 years begin preparing for this test. For some parents, entry into a selective school is the most important step in their child’s future so they want to start prepping them early on. For other parents, admission to a selective school is regarded as a bonus. However if admission doesn’t happen, they’ve got other options on standby. For these parents, early preparation is far less important. Ask yourself, does getting into a selective school really matter? If it does, start prepping your child as soon as possible!


2. How flexible is your budget?

To improve your child’s chances of success on the Ryde Selective Test, you will have to consider enlisting him or her in a good preparatory program. These enlist experienced tutors who will work one on one with your child on a routine basis. Some parents prefer their children to study on their own. While this is certainly admirable, it puts him or her at a significant disadvantage at exam time. Keep in mind, thousands of students will be competing for a few spots in selective schools. These students will have received regular tutoring for the past several months. Some have been practising for years!

A Selective test preparation program will cost some money, but if you regard it as an investment it will seem worthwhile. Some parents regard selective schools on par with private schools. When you take into account the tutoring for twelve months, it’s a fraction of the cost for what you’d pay for private school.

3. What are your child’s abilities?

The Ryde Selective Test is designed to distinguish the brightest students in the class. These students are usually a part of the top 10% in their respective classes. If your child is not amongst this group, he or she will face an uphill obstacle course. This doesn’t mean it’s not achievable. It means early preparation in the form of tutelage is required.

Don’t forget to account for other activities your child participates in, apart from school homework such as music, sports and playtime. Preparation for the selective test will take up some of this time. Does your child have the capacity to handle this?

When is the best time to start preparing for the Ryde Selective Test? We recommend as early as possible. Get in touch with us at PEN Education today.