School Year 3 - Year 6

At PEN Education we understand the huge role English has in the primary curriculum, with it being a compulsory subject it becomes even more necessary for students to have an in-depth understanding of it.  Our English course specifically targets the key points that must be understood in the syllabus and aims to convey these points across to our students in the clearest manner possible.  With our roster of highly skilled educators, all with extensive resumes to back up their skills, you can expect for your child to see improvements in their overall English skill.  Regardless of if you’re aiming for high Selective test scores or simply want them to improve, our English course can cater to all.

High School Year 7 - Year 10


  • ESL
  • Standard English (2 Unit)
  • Advanced English (2 Unit)


  • General Maths (2 Unit)
  • Advanced Maths (2 Unit)

We are proud to announce that we have a youtube Maths teacher on board where he is recognized and at the demand for from our students.

On the other hand, our English teacher is also highly recommended by our students because of his unique teaching technique that has done wonders for our students during their time here with us.


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