School Year 3 - Year 6

Mathematics plays a fundamental role in education and a student’s overall academic performance, as well as several real-life applications.  We at PEN Education know this and understand why mathematics is a core subject, with the numerous ways it branches off into other topics and careers it is an irreplaceable subject.  The Mathematics course that we provide is aimed at helping your children become the most complete mathematicians they can be.  We don’t believe in them only excelling in one subject, instead, we think that it is important that they become all-rounded so that they don’t have particular weaknesses that can hold them back in exams and life.  As such, we always aim to target weaknesses and change them into strengths, whilst also improving all other facets of mathematics.  With excellent mathematics professionals in our ranks, we can provide a level of education that will help your children reach their full potential.

  • English
    • CIC
    • ESL
    • 2U GEN
    • 2U ADV
    • EXT 1 (3U)
    • EXT 2 (4U)
  • Mathematics
    • 2U GEN
    • 2U ADV
    • EXT 1 (3U)
    • EXT 2 (4U)

We are proud to announce that we have a youtube Maths teacher on board where he is recognized and at the demand for from our students.

On the other hand, our English teacher is also highly recommended by our students because of his unique teaching technique that has done wonders for our students during their time here with us.

Please click on our Feedback page to have a look at our star rating given from our students and parents. 


Course v/s Center Detail
No One Center Avilable of this course at your location.Please change the pincode to get the nearest center.
Available On : Wed
  • Date: 2019 June,06
  • Time Slot:

    04:30 PM-07:30 PM ( Wed )

  • Student capacity: Max 50 Student


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