Year 6

  • Year 6
  • $660.00
  • 10 Weeks Program , Writing ,English ,Vocabulary , Maths, Thinking Skills

Year 6 program is thoughtfully designed to guide students through the crucial phase of preparing for the Selective test, followed by a comprehensive transition into high school. This program begins with an intensive focus on the Selective test, covering all necessary aspects to ensure your child is fully prepared for this important exam.

Once the Selective test is completed, our program shifts its focus to high school preparation, with a strong emphasis on enhancing skills in writing, English, and math. This part of the program is designed to build upon the knowledge and skills acquired during the Selective test preparation, further solidifying the foundation necessary for academic success in high school.

Our specialised staff, experienced in both Selective test and high school curriculum, will provide continuous support and tailored guidance to your child. This ensures that each student not only excels in the Selective test but also gains a robust understanding and proficiency in writing, English, and Math, which are pivotal for their upcoming high school years.

We highly recommend enrolling in this comprehensive program to give your child a well-rounded and thorough preparation, setting them up for success in both their immediate and future academic endeavors.

  • Duration 10 weeks - per week 3 hours
  • Start Date 15/07/2024 , 22/07/2024

Course v/s Center Detail

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December 2023
Available On : Mon,Sat

PEN Top Ryde

  • Mon 04:30 PM To 07:30 PM
  • Sat 10:00 AM To 01:00 PM
  • Student capacity: Max 8 Student
  • Top Ryde