Thinking skills

  • School Year 3 - Year 6
  • $700.00
  • Critical Thinking ,Problem Solving ,Spatial Reasoning

2021 has seen a lot of change, however one that is especially prevalent is the introduction of the new Thinking Skills topic in both the Selective and O.C tests.  With a completely new subject introduced to the tests, the majority of students were taken aback with a large difference between the original General Ability subject and the newer Thinking Skills subject.  Despite this sudden change in curriculum, we at PEN Education are always ready and have already prepared a new Thinking Skills course in order to provide a major advantage to your children. Our teaching staff already includes numerous teachers who are now well-versed in the topic to a point where they can be considered experts.  You can expect for your children to be well-guided and led to a complete understanding of this new topic and the intricacies that lie within it.     

  • Duration 3hrs
  • Start Date 15/07/2024 , 22/07/2024

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