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About Us

Welcome to Peneducation

PEN Education is one of Australia’s leading tuition colleges, with decades worth of proven results in boosting academic test scores. With our personalised approach to educational coaching, students enjoy the benefits of successful outcomes, thanks to specialised preparation for OC, Selective, Scholarship testing that helps your child develop the academic edge that keeps them ahead of the pack.

Our track record is impressive, with students who complete our unique program producing 20~25% higher marks than those who did not enrol. Our coaching program is different because we design individually tailored test preparation classes and personally customised academic training - both online and in person.

By implementing advanced technology in our training programs, we provide the flexibility your child needs. It’s scholarship coaching and academic performance-enhancing training that works - with teaching methods that adapt to their preferred study patterns, and personalised coaching techniques that suit you and your family.

Our fast-growing company has BIG ideas - and the commitment to help your child achieve their academic goals.

To find out how we can give your child the competitive study edge they need to succeed, enrol in our clinic today.



The PEN Education teaching system has been adapted to enable both students and parents to actively monitor students’ academic progress. Our experienced coaching specialists have developed the Key Factor Check Test to evaluate students’ academical strength and weakness. This personalised coaching approach ensures each of our students are given customised questions that recognise their personal study weaknesses.

It’s a powerful, unique study system that differentiates PEN Education from other educational training colleges.

Students at PEN Education have easy access to fast smart screens that are centrally placed in all our classrooms. The placement of these screens ensures students benefit from improved concentration levels - enabling them to focus fully on their teacher for better learning and brilliant study results. This cutting-edge technology, combined with highly-qualified teaching staff gives all PEN Education students the opportunity to achieve outstanding test results for better academic performance.

We do what others don't - for improved academic results.

The PEN EDucation experience includes:

You stay on the ball with SMS communication which keeps track of all important activities in the college. We send a notification of test results and individual student’s performance in the class to parents. Automated homework reminder Weekly computerised analysis report on their tests for all courses Our students are engaged and motivated to succeed and because we communicate with families, every step of the way, you enjoy peace of mind knowing your child’s coaching is focused and effective - with boosted academic results that deliver a great return on your investment.

To improve your child’s academic test results, enrol them in our PEN Education clinic today.


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