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Welcome to Peneducation

We are committed to quality and want our tuition systems to be the best they can be.

It takes us a while to make each new step, but we think they are worth the extra time. We want to help as many students as possible.

Yes, the cookies and other mechanism help students resume from exactly the same place in case one needs to re-login after internet failure.
The online subscription is usually attached with the course fee you subscribe to and one does not need to pay extra cash.
The online subscription is designed to work side by side with our classroom activities and it provides flexibility of practising anywhere. Hence, our course comes attached with the online subscription.
The website asks us to login time and again due to inactivity. Especially during online tests, a long period of inactivity will prevent the website from tracking activity and cause problems. Thus, parents and students need to visit the website frequently to prevent inactivity.
The cookies help save the user data and help the software find important details to keep a track of your child's activities and progress. Remember to click‘accept’ in the box when logging in the website for first time. If you forget to do it on your browser,head over tothe settings section ofit andlook for the cookies tab, and allow them accordingly.
“The early bird catches the worm”, and we advise one to start practising for tests as early as the students feel like they can. Most students start practising a year or two prior the actual exam dates for better results.
The guiders in the classroom track the progress and determine areas which need improvement through the key factors test. The surprising factor of the mechanism in this system rests in its ability to find out problems individually for better comprehension.
While most people who choose us do both opt out because of the excellent online and classroom guidance provided by our efficient team. However,onecan opt out during the 14 day or two weeksperiod.
We are available online 24/7.Whenever you are with your kid helping him or her with homework, we are right here to help you.
The company operates a SMS program which sends a timely report ofyour child's progress right to your mobile device. Furthermore, our online automated mechanism sends reminders and homework details right on any computer screen after logging in on the website. Hence, you can check whether your kids have completed the homework through a simple check,just by logging in.
The SmartScreen classroom is just a part of our college program to help the students. We also facilitate the learning environment for students through online mechanisms on our website with a login feature.
The company relies on the SmartScreen because it allows flexibility to move from one question to another andfind solutions instantly.If not this, then one wouldneed to write answers one after anotherwhich would be time-consuming. Furthermore, the computerized SmartScreen allows adding attractive visual elementsthat keeps students engaged.
While there are many choices available for students and their parents to choose from in the market, none of these tutoring services in the market acknowledge individual differences.This course caters to every individualstudent's needs and helps them succeed.
The test curriculum and questionnaires in the course packages are designed to challenge their problem solving ability. The tough questions are not meant to demoralise the studentsbut instead give them motivation to challenge their limit and test their critical thinking ability to make actual exam day questions feel easier.
The coursework is designed to provide help to the students and parents who are trying their level best to achieve success.The coursework helps train students to take any competitive exam with a lot more confidence and with an improved skill set. The techniques taught during the course is definitely beneficial and will give the student the right exposure required to qualify the exam. We hope you and your child makes the fullest use of thecoursethat is developed by the best of teachers and finest curriculum developers.

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