Weekly Programs

Weekly Programs

By simply doing our test you are able to gain valuable information about your child and pinpoint the problem so we can help overcome any issue before it become a obstacle.

program to evaluate your child’s academical strength and weakness. A personalised learning program tailored specifically for your child’s needs. And the peace of mind for you as a parent by knowing your child is on the right learning track to get better results.

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You see, our school systems were not built to optimize learning so every student can achieve the same great results. Instead, teachers teach the same subjects, in the same way, and at the same pace for all students in the classroom. As a parent, you know that just because two children are at the same age, it doesn’t mean they could learn in the same way and at the same pace, right? We know that each child has different learning needs, and they also have their own individual weaknesses. So while some students need to study the concept of A first to perform better, your child and other students may need to study B first for more effective and efficient learning. If this is how your child studies at school, you know your child could get better grades and never struggle to improve his/her results. But unfortunately, schools and other educational training colleges don’t apply this concept.


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