When Is The Best Time To Start Preparing For The Ryde Selective Test?

admin Mar 27, 2019

At PEN Education, we tutor hundreds of students each year in preparation for Ryde Selective Test. As a result, we’re frequently asked by parents, “When should I begin preparing my child?” Although there is no definitive answer to this question, we always recommend starting early. The outcome will ultimately depend on your child’s abilities and …


Consider an Opportunity Class for your Gifted Child

admin Mar 25, 2019

Opportunity classes are a special educational program offered via selected schools across the NSW. They are designed specifically for academically talented and gifted children in Years 5 & 6. An opportunity class is geared towards providing an academically stimulating learning environment. What is an Opportunity Class? An Opportunity Class or OC, is a two-year, full-time …